//TODO: professional stuff of software engineer 1001010
Jr Assistant Lemur Containment Researcher at Dalaran School of Xenobiology

For the past few years I’ve had a rather obtuse (and some might say caustic) profile on LinkedIn.  It surved it’s purpose: Hide me from the recruters.  And it mostly worked.  That is, except on the recuters that play WoW. 😉

Now as those recruters cycle through their jobs and hand over their dead leads to even greener recruters to retry – I’ve ended up on an inaccurate hodge-podge of job lists that are, well, just not my thing…

  • 3 month contract job in michigan, $25k – like I’m going to relocate my familiy for that
  • Multiple Stock trading firms
  • Require: 10+ years C++ expert knowlege, Job: InstalShield scripter
  • Consultant Jobs
  • Sales support engineering
  • 3D Artist – wtf?
  • Archival media engineer – put the tape in the backup tape drive?
  • GoogleTV media codecs

It’s taken a while.  But I’ve finally come to the conclusion that there’s a certain value in having an accurate career description.  Sure, I may get a few more recruter calls – but that’s OK.  I’ll deal with it.  It’s fun answering calls from strangers using my customer service / answering machine voice.

Over the next few months my linkedin profile should start to look a little more “professional”.  For tracking purposes, here’s some of the original text…


Jr Assistant Lemur Containment Researcher at Dalaran School of Xenobiology

Is it me or does linkedin seem like an automated linked resume generator? I imagine that the data on this site would be lusted for by recruiters. So, I will be vague*.

I’m a win32/linux/oracle/mysql/client/server/c++ programmer, bitches**!

And no Mr(s) Recruter, Just because you may be a friend of a friend – does not mean that I will refer your friend/client to my hiring department. Thankfully, my employeer does not work with external recruters. So PLEASE STOP CALLING ME, I have NO influence over hiring and I will NOT help you. I only refer people that I worked with.

*Yes, I’ve had bad recruiter experiences. No where nearly as bad as a ‘child molester in an ice cream truck bad’ – but bad enough.

**No, I’m not worried about such a statement hurting my career. I’m happy where I’m at and if I were to leave, I wouldn’t want to work anywhere where such a statement would exclude me from consideration for employment.

I am the undisputed North American Lawn Darts (Jarts) Champion. I will gladly give up my title once the http://www.cpsc.gov/ changes it’s ways and either revokes it’s irrational ban on lawn darts or decides to apply it’s policies evenly and ban horseshoe pitching. 😉