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FOASS on GitHub

Experimentation time!  I created a GitHub account and put the two file source to http://foass.1001010.com on it.

Why? Because I can.

I created my FOAAS clone to learn how to create a stateless web service in Python.  Maybe someone else wants to learn how to and they just need an example on how to do it.

OK – maybe my example is not the best one, but it works – and I got to play with the GitHub Windows client.  I wonder what the OSX one is like & how well pyCharm integrates with it?

-Jason De Arte

Hearthstone beta key not here

UPDATE: Someone got the key minutes after I posted it, google indexing is way faster than I thought!

A few days ago I did something silly, I posted an extra Hearthstone beta key to twitter (don’t worry – someone already snatched it).  Why would I do such a thing?  Well, I had a few extra, I didn’t want them to go to waste, and more importantly – I was annoyed at all the links to “contests” on other sites.  Some seemed legit – others – not so much.

So on impulse, I posted the key.  And I’m glad.  Someone that really wanted the game – got into the beta without having to sign up for a bunch of “contests” that would subject them to years of spam in their mailbox.

Will I do it again?  I don’t know.. hey what’s this?  I guess I do have a spare US one in my pocket that you can try: 0173134783523497011781446

This site gets < 20 visitors a month.  There’s a good chance that in a week when google indexes this site, it will work when you find it.  Let me know if it worked on twitter

-Jason De Arte