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site reboot

I let this page go idle for way too long. So long that an old (unpatched) install of a web app let some junk in & started auto-posting spam everywhere šŸ™

So I’m starting over with a fresh WordPress install in a new user directory šŸ™‚ Sure, I’ll startĀ over – but that’s OK. I’m a horrible writer and the world is better off for not having to read all of my musings. That’s what Facebook and Google+ are for.

This time I’ll lean on Dreamhost’s commitment to automaticaly keep all my One-Click installsĀ up to date.


Sorry about the theme.Ā  I’m a programmer, just be glad it’s not RGB(255,0,255) and RGB(0,0,255) with Comic Sans.Ā  šŸ˜‰