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Split off 1001010.com

1001010.com no longer redirects here.
It’s a R&D site & I needed to do some R&D without fracking up the wordpress install.
For fun – I put one of my favorite Acts from Macbeth 4.1; The 3 witches. It should make the site a little more interesting to the casual observer, but not by much 😉 It’s all behind the scenes R&D server stuff there.

Learned something new about .htaccess: Apache has uses a directory hierarchy is not limited to the “root” web directory. It extends up to the parent user directory… and possibly higher up to help my hosting provider manage multiple domains on my el-cheapo-but-reliable-shared-hosting-plan

The symptom: changes to ~/foass.1001010.com/.htaccess wasn’t working

The cause: I had “backed up” a .htaccess to my user dir “~/.htaccess” months ago and forgot all about it. So when Apache loaded it’s rules, it checked the user dir first.

The solution: get rid of the ~/.htaccess file

Also learned that Dreamhost tech support rocks for knowing about it.  They were awesomely polite & helpful.
But in my embarrassed state of mind; I only heard “You had the parking brake on when you tried to drive, duh”

-Jason De Arte

Testing a C/C++ plugin to do syntax highlighting

Got a new wordpress plugin from http://alexgorbatchev.com/SyntaxHighlighter/, let’s see how it works, by drawing on a recent facepalm bug that existed for many years in the codebase..

#ifdef linux
struct SomePThreadContainer {
	pthread_mutex_t mutex;
	int other_data[32];
#define ODD_DATA_SIZE sizeof(SomePThreadContainer)
#define ODD_DATA_SIZE sizeof(HANDLE)
class OddWrapper {
	byte m_oddAbsraction[ODD_DATA_SIZE];
	void DoStuff();
class OddContainer {
	OddWrapper oddOne;
	bool b1;
	OddWrapper oddTwo;
	void VerifyOneWorksOnUse();
	void VerifyTwoFailsOnUse(); // but will work if b1 is changed from a bool to an int

Many bothans were NEEDLESSLY lost to bring you this bug. 🙂

site reboot

I let this page go idle for way too long. So long that an old (unpatched) install of a web app let some junk in & started auto-posting spam everywhere 🙁

So I’m starting over with a fresh WordPress install in a new user directory 🙂 Sure, I’ll start over – but that’s OK. I’m a horrible writer and the world is better off for not having to read all of my musings. That’s what Facebook and Google+ are for.

This time I’ll lean on Dreamhost’s commitment to automaticaly keep all my One-Click installs up to date.


Sorry about the theme.  I’m a programmer, just be glad it’s not RGB(255,0,255) and RGB(0,0,255) with Comic Sans.  😉

JavaScript Object Notation & Dart language != Jason De Arte

Of course I registered jsondart.com

JSON = JavaScript Object Notation @ json.org
DART = Some new web language announced by Google today @ dartlang.org

Why?  I’m JaSON DeARTe, a software engineer and I know how these internet things go.  If I didn’t grab the domain now, I’d hate myself later on.

Yes, I know I’m polluting the namespace and adding to possible confusion in the future – but it needed to be done.