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Testing a C/C++ plugin to do syntax highlighting

Got a new wordpress plugin from http://alexgorbatchev.com/SyntaxHighlighter/, let’s see how it works, by drawing on a recent facepalm bug that existed for many years in the codebase..

#ifdef linux
struct SomePThreadContainer {
	pthread_mutex_t mutex;
	int other_data[32];
#define ODD_DATA_SIZE sizeof(SomePThreadContainer)
#define ODD_DATA_SIZE sizeof(HANDLE)
class OddWrapper {
	byte m_oddAbsraction[ODD_DATA_SIZE];
	void DoStuff();
class OddContainer {
	OddWrapper oddOne;
	bool b1;
	OddWrapper oddTwo;
	void VerifyOneWorksOnUse();
	void VerifyTwoFailsOnUse(); // but will work if b1 is changed from a bool to an int

Many bothans were NEEDLESSLY lost to bring you this bug. 🙂

site reboot

I let this page go idle for way too long. So long that an old (unpatched) install of a web app let some junk in & started auto-posting spam everywhere 🙁

So I’m starting over with a fresh WordPress install in a new user directory 🙂 Sure, I’ll start over – but that’s OK. I’m a horrible writer and the world is better off for not having to read all of my musings. That’s what Facebook and Google+ are for.

This time I’ll lean on Dreamhost’s commitment to automaticaly keep all my One-Click installs up to date.


Sorry about the theme.  I’m a programmer, just be glad it’s not RGB(255,0,255) and RGB(0,0,255) with Comic Sans.  😉