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New resume

Time to dust off the resume (CV for the Euro crowd) and update LinkedIn.

TL;DR: Last year we started a new group and half way through we changed focus and I lost interest.  I gave it time and now it’s time to look for something that does interest me.

After 10 years at Blizzard it’s time to look for a new project.  It would be nice to stay at Blizzard with another team, but I need to find new challenges.

Tell your friends, Jason is looking.


Creepy LinkedIn Recruiter …

… just because I clicked on your profile, it does not mean that I am interested in what you are selling. It just means I’ve got fat fingers or are curious to learn through which connection we know each other. Telling me that you noticed me viewing your profile 3 minutes ago, makes you sound like a creepy stalker. Yes, I know stalkers are by definition “creepy” – but it needed to be emphasized in your case.


-Jason De Arte

Why won’t I be your “friend” on LinkedIn?

I’m tired of writing polite responses to why I won’t be your “friend” on LinkedIn.
So, engineer me will list out my LinkedIn friendship rubric.

Please don’t be offended if your got this link from me via LinkedIn.  If I wanted to be rude, I would have sent you a link to http://www.jasondearte.com/wp/tag/foaas/ 😉

Inclusion rules

  • We work together on projects where we actually interact on a semi-regular basis

Exclusion rules

  1. You added me by email address instead of by people you may know.
    This tells me that either you are a recruiter that bulk added me or you are a security n00b that gave LinkedIn your email password so they could mass-add everyone you know.
  2. You are obviously a recruiter that didn’t buy the premium subscription.
    Either you’re too spammy for the recruiter accounts, or your boss is a cheap bastard.
  3. I don’t remember you. Sorry, it’s nothing personal. There are a lot of people that know me, but I don’t know them. I’m bad with names and socially awkward that way.
  4. You’re extended family or friend of a friend that knows that guy who knows me.
  5. I worked with you, and.. I would rather forget about that incident. But then again, you may be in #3

Have a nice day

-Jason De Arte