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Monthly Archives: October 2013
Remember CodeProject?

I forgot all about it too.  It’s still there, I even have a bit of sample code on their site.  Long-long ago I wrote a /delayload replacement because it was the cool thing to do. At the time it was the best spot to find Win32 code examples other than MSDN.  CodeProject did a decent job answering that core software engineer need for it’s readers: “How do I implement X?”.

Looking back I see that it was backwards.  It was an article/publisher model that relied on people to create the answers to the questions people might be seeking before the questions were answered.  Since psychic powers are in short supply among the technically minded, the reach will always be limited.

Today we have a better answer: StackOverflow.  Instead of waiting for someone to write an answer to the unwritten question, we have a place where we can write the actual question and (if it’s well written & not a plea from someone stuck on their CS homework) get quality answers.

Now the cool geek thing to do is to be the one that writes the best upvoted answers on StackOverflow. For a few of my co-workers, they’ve made a sport* of writing quality answers before anyone else.  It’s sort of like doing Project Euler problems on hard mode.

-Jason De Arte

*I know, a sport involves a ball. whatever

FOASS on GitHub

Experimentation time!  I created a GitHub account and put the two file source to http://foass.1001010.com on it.

Why? Because I can.

I created my FOAAS clone to learn how to create a stateless web service in Python.  Maybe someone else wants to learn how to and they just need an example on how to do it.

OK – maybe my example is not the best one, but it works – and I got to play with the GitHub Windows client.  I wonder what the OSX one is like & how well pyCharm integrates with it?

-Jason De Arte

Split off 1001010.com

1001010.com no longer redirects here.
It’s a R&D site & I needed to do some R&D without fracking up the wordpress install.
For fun – I put one of my favorite Acts from Macbeth 4.1; The 3 witches. It should make the site a little more interesting to the casual observer, but not by much 😉 It’s all behind the scenes R&D server stuff there.

Learned something new about .htaccess: Apache has uses a directory hierarchy is not limited to the “root” web directory. It extends up to the parent user directory… and possibly higher up to help my hosting provider manage multiple domains on my el-cheapo-but-reliable-shared-hosting-plan

The symptom: changes to ~/foass.1001010.com/.htaccess wasn’t working

The cause: I had “backed up” a .htaccess to my user dir “~/.htaccess” months ago and forgot all about it. So when Apache loaded it’s rules, it checked the user dir first.

The solution: get rid of the ~/.htaccess file

Also learned that Dreamhost tech support rocks for knowing about it.  They were awesomely polite & helpful.
But in my embarrassed state of mind; I only heard “You had the parking brake on when you tried to drive, duh”

-Jason De Arte