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Google Image Search – that’s not me

You’ve googled yourself – but have you image searched for yourself?

I did and google thinks that I looks like a bunch of weeping angels that like to scuba in shallow tropical waters.  Too bad I tried scuba & sucked at it – but at the same time – it’s kinda cool in a way that I don’t think I want to fix it.

Rather than link to the individual images here & reinforce google’s mistaken view of what I look like, I leave it as an exercise to the reader to find the cool underwater statues using my name


– Jason De Arte

Split off 1001010.com

1001010.com no longer redirects here.
It’s a R&D site & I needed to do some R&D without fracking up the wordpress install.
For fun – I put one of my favorite Acts from Macbeth 4.1; The 3 witches. It should make the site a little more interesting to the casual observer, but not by much 😉 It’s all behind the scenes R&D server stuff there.

Learned something new about .htaccess: Apache has uses a directory hierarchy is not limited to the “root” web directory. It extends up to the parent user directory… and possibly higher up to help my hosting provider manage multiple domains on my el-cheapo-but-reliable-shared-hosting-plan

The symptom: changes to ~/foass.1001010.com/.htaccess wasn’t working

The cause: I had “backed up” a .htaccess to my user dir “~/.htaccess” months ago and forgot all about it. So when Apache loaded it’s rules, it checked the user dir first.

The solution: get rid of the ~/.htaccess file

Also learned that Dreamhost tech support rocks for knowing about it.  They were awesomely polite & helpful.
But in my embarrassed state of mind; I only heard “You had the parking brake on when you tried to drive, duh”

-Jason De Arte

Why won’t I be your “friend” on LinkedIn?

I’m tired of writing polite responses to why I won’t be your “friend” on LinkedIn.
So, engineer me will list out my LinkedIn friendship rubric.

Please don’t be offended if your got this link from me via LinkedIn.  If I wanted to be rude, I would have sent you a link to http://www.jasondearte.com/wp/tag/foaas/ 😉

Inclusion rules

  • We work together on projects where we actually interact on a semi-regular basis

Exclusion rules

  1. You added me by email address instead of by people you may know.
    This tells me that either you are a recruiter that bulk added me or you are a security n00b that gave LinkedIn your email password so they could mass-add everyone you know.
  2. You are obviously a recruiter that didn’t buy the premium subscription.
    Either you’re too spammy for the recruiter accounts, or your boss is a cheap bastard.
  3. I don’t remember you. Sorry, it’s nothing personal. There are a lot of people that know me, but I don’t know them. I’m bad with names and socially awkward that way.
  4. You’re extended family or friend of a friend that knows that guy who knows me.
  5. I worked with you, and.. I would rather forget about that incident. But then again, you may be in #3

Have a nice day

-Jason De Arte

Testing a C/C++ plugin to do syntax highlighting

Got a new wordpress plugin from http://alexgorbatchev.com/SyntaxHighlighter/, let’s see how it works, by drawing on a recent facepalm bug that existed for many years in the codebase..

#ifdef linux
struct SomePThreadContainer {
	pthread_mutex_t mutex;
	int other_data[32];
#define ODD_DATA_SIZE sizeof(SomePThreadContainer)
#define ODD_DATA_SIZE sizeof(HANDLE)
class OddWrapper {
	byte m_oddAbsraction[ODD_DATA_SIZE];
	void DoStuff();
class OddContainer {
	OddWrapper oddOne;
	bool b1;
	OddWrapper oddTwo;
	void VerifyOneWorksOnUse();
	void VerifyTwoFailsOnUse(); // but will work if b1 is changed from a bool to an int

Many bothans were NEEDLESSLY lost to bring you this bug. 🙂


This really isn’t about signatures – it’s actually a test of the WordPress iOS app to write a post.
First impression is that it is a bit sluggish. Just writing this is painfully laggy on an iPad 1.

So signatures. There was once a time where a fellow employee that worked as a liaison to a partner in a different region. To add to his, what some would say, annoying nature – he had ~100kb image signature that took up most of the screen real estate of the outlook preview pane.
Truth be told, many people had them. But none were on the same scale as his.
He was a chonic one liner emailer that treated email as an instant messaging client.
And he would do this from a remote region over a low bandwidth connection.
Every “how’s X coming along?” or clarification on a previous comment would add 100kb. If you came late to the “conversation”, you would spend a great deal of time scrolling to read it. It was a mess.
The worst off we’re the QA testers. Unlike Devs they don’t have unlimited mailboxes, their boxes would fill up and be locked out of mail.

After that, the trend died down & most people switched to one liners. Mostly first names or “Thanks”

It is nice 🙂

But the truce is over. I just got an email with a dainty 660x80pixel signature image.


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