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FOASS – Fuck Off As a Service (version

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OK – I finished my version of FOAAS, I mean FOASS. It’s much prettier, flexible and to the best of my informal testing, it is mostly bug free 🙂

try it here

Bug List

  • /wp/ on the homepage URL.  This is caused by this being a sub-domain of JasonDeArte.com where I have a rewrite .htaccess that poorly sends root traffic to the WordPress install in /wp/
  • Naked commands without a trailing “/:something”.  I.e. /off/ will work (and insert random names), /off will not & instead return a 404.  I consider this a low priority bug & will probably just set up a 404 page with belligerent language.

It supports all the currently listed (2013.07.21) commands, as well as a few more commands.  Most were suggested by my co-workers.

If you request it in json or plaintext, it will return it as json or plaintext, respectively.

If you leave out values, it will use random names from a list of co-workers and friends that I’m sure that would find this hilarious. Oh, if you’re name is in the list and you don’t find it funny, it’s not You-you, it’s that other guy with the same name. Sorry 😉

I also hooked up Google Analytics (or at least I think I did, I’ll find out later when the reports are available) so that I can more easily track which links are the more popular ones.  Awesome discovery: my hosting provider, Dreamhost, has a panel setting that allows you to set the analytics code in the domain configuration – so I don’t even have to put in a google web-bug to track it all.  Which is awesome if anyone were to actually use the JSON API, because I could then actually track it without having to rely on client side JavaScript.

I wish I had more time to hook up Google App Engine to run it, but time on the weekends are limited.


-Jason De Arte


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