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Jr Assistant Lemur Containment Researcher at Dalaran School of Xenobiology

For the past few years I’ve had a rather obtuse (and some might say caustic) profile on LinkedIn.  It surved it’s purpose: Hide me from the recruters.  And it mostly worked.  That is, except on the recuters that play WoW. 😉

Now as those recruters cycle through their jobs and hand over their dead leads to even greener recruters to retry – I’ve ended up on an inaccurate hodge-podge of job lists that are, well, just not my thing…

  • 3 month contract job in michigan, $25k – like I’m going to relocate my familiy for that
  • Multiple Stock trading firms
  • Require: 10+ years C++ expert knowlege, Job: InstalShield scripter
  • Consultant Jobs
  • Sales support engineering
  • 3D Artist – wtf?
  • Archival media engineer – put the tape in the backup tape drive?
  • GoogleTV media codecs

It’s taken a while.  But I’ve finally come to the conclusion that there’s a certain value in having an accurate career description.  Sure, I may get a few more recruter calls – but that’s OK.  I’ll deal with it.  It’s fun answering calls from strangers using my customer service / answering machine voice.

Over the next few months my linkedin profile should start to look a little more “professional”.  For tracking purposes, here’s some of the original text…


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site reboot

I let this page go idle for way too long. So long that an old (unpatched) install of a web app let some junk in & started auto-posting spam everywhere 🙁

So I’m starting over with a fresh WordPress install in a new user directory 🙂 Sure, I’ll start over – but that’s OK. I’m a horrible writer and the world is better off for not having to read all of my musings. That’s what Facebook and Google+ are for.

This time I’ll lean on Dreamhost’s commitment to automaticaly keep all my One-Click installs up to date.


Sorry about the theme.  I’m a programmer, just be glad it’s not RGB(255,0,255) and RGB(0,0,255) with Comic Sans.  😉

JavaScript Object Notation & Dart language != Jason De Arte

Of course I registered jsondart.com

JSON = JavaScript Object Notation @ json.org
DART = Some new web language announced by Google today @ dartlang.org

Why?  I’m JaSON DeARTe, a software engineer and I know how these internet things go.  If I didn’t grab the domain now, I’d hate myself later on.

Yes, I know I’m polluting the namespace and adding to possible confusion in the future – but it needed to be done.


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